Drawn to animating?

Disclosure: my husband, James Hutson is an animator slash lots of other stuff and some years ago did the AIM course at RMIT, so I’ve come across a lot of animators over the years. I can vouch for the @##!!long hours and the toughness of the industry, particularly as a freelancer, as well as for the passion, commitment and obsession those who love animating have for their craft.

So it was in this spirit that I approached writing this article for artsHub, that has just been published today on being an animator.

The three interviews I did for this piece plus drafts would warrant several more articles (transcripts plus draft article come to 15,813 words) and there was a lot I’d have loved to add.

Paul Kirwan and I talked a lot about what’s missing in university courses when it comes to animating and the practical work skills that really only can be learnt on the job. We also talked at length about his amazing career and work on blockbluster films and how great artistic town to live in Adelaide is and Rising Sun Pictures.

And Jonathan Nix also talked lovingly about his visits to Venice (where his gorgeous film The Missing Key is set) and the difficulties of funding animation films.

I also notice that Leigh Ryan was on the Radio National’s Drive show last night talking with Waleed Aly and Adam Elliot. Leigh was chatting about his contribution to Wager: The Ring Cycle – hope it all goes well at Adelaide Fringe.

So here it is: Drawn to animating?


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