Katsu curry

This is one of those blog posts that won’t interest other people. It’s more of an online note to self. Maybe I’ll write about food stuff more often on this blog just for that reason, but this isn’t that.

I want to make sure I remember to come back to this website I was on today Japanese Cooking 101 as I’m going to do a chicken katsu curry tonight.  It’s a pretty weird dish but my husband loves it, largely thanks to a  little Japanese cafe on the quiet side of the Artarmon Station that he’d often go to for lunch when we lived in Sydney. We’d go there occasionally on weekends as well.

I prefer Katsudon and have made it a few times without recipes but might use the one of the website for inspiration. It’s a bit more kid friendly so might try making that again soon as the weather cools.

There’s also a Japanese curry recipe on allrecipes.co.uk that’s closer to the one we would get at that cafe, where the curry is more like a sauce than a curry.



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