Making money out of your Friday

My day is turning to shit, as seems to happen so often when I think for just a moment I’m about to get my head out of all the things I ‘have to’ do and into the things I ‘want to’ do but at least my latest piece for artsHub is up online – Here: Making money out of your rights

It’s about CAL’s Rights Portal, which even though it launched last year I hadn’t heard much about until Caroline Morgan talked about it at the Business of Freelancing conference a few weeks ago. It was something I just had to find out more about. Chatting with Libby Baulch at CAL about it this week was great and CAL have really opened my eyes to a number of things I seriously need to get on to – like putting up some terms and conditions on this website.

This is the 235th article I’ve written for artsHub.

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