As a general rule I prefer: flavoured chips to plain, hot weather to cold, white wine to red, flat shoes to high heels, dogs to cats, crème caramel to chocolate mousse, walking to running, tidy to messy, jeans to dresses, quiet to loud, sleeping in to getting up early, reason to action for actions sake, and facts to prejudice.

I’m interested in politics, economics and philosophy, media, publishing and journalism, cultural commentary, progressive and environmental issues, aesthetics, scientific and medical innovation and history.

Pet hates include: stockings that slide down and dag between your thighs, windy days especially in spring, Myki, tinned salmon, hair in my eyes (see windy days in spring), most kinds of offal particularly kidneys, standing around at networking events, reading the stupid and the trolls in comment sections.

I seek on an ongoing basis: good coffee, BBQ ribs, interesting conversation, clever quirky people, new takes on the world.

If you’d like to tell me something try saying hi via fiona at fionamackrell dot com or tweet me @McFifi


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